Copy Editing:

Services Include:

This would include Copy Editing for:

  • Resumes
  • Reports and Research Documents
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • News Letters
  • Short Stories
  • General Fiction/Non Fiction Manuscripts
  • General Business Documents
  • Letters
  • Proposals
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Manuals and Handbooks
  • Advertisements and Listings
  • And Much, Much, More!!

Rates can be based on package deal or hourly charges, it will just depend on your needs.   All hourly charges are a minimum of one hour.           

Basic Service Prices Are Below:

 About Website Maintenance and Editing

About Graphic Editing

If the project you need is not listed, or you need a size bigger than what is listed, please feel free to contact me for details!!

Ghost Writing Services:

Most written projects are automatically assumed to be ghost written or edited (written and edited by me, but credit taken by you or your company), except for nationally published articles, major media campaigns, and any other project that may receive major national attention.  If the need arises to ghost write and edit projects of this nature, there will be an extra fee that will be based on the size and nature of the project.  A disclosure and privacy contract will also be mandatory for such cases, and can be requested from any client at any time.  Even after terms of the ghost written or edited material are set, and Ms. Tessa Howington still retain the right to reference project as their creation for use as reference in portfolios, examples to other clients, or any other manner they see fit.  Because of the nature of ghost writing, any identifying characteristics, business or personal information, or copywrited features will be omitted.


Obtaining Copyright:

If the project requires use of any non-original materials, copyrighted or not, it is requested that the client provide proof that they have the right to use such materials.  If proof cannot be provided, or if the materials in question are not for use by the general public, permission to use any non-original materials can be obtained for the client during the project.  The fee for this starts at $10, for a simple letter, if the clients have all the necessary information available.  If some small research is necessary, then the fee will start at $30 for each permission that has to be researched and requested.  Other fees may apply depending on the type of material or the additional processes that may have to be completed to obtain permission to use the information or images.  These fees will be charged regardless of the outcome of the decision by the owner of the materials in question.

Services subject to Terms and Conditions listed here

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