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About Caypay

The Business:

"Caypay" is actually an alias, or rather, a nickname, for Ms. Tessa Howington.  The name "Caypay" has become a long time identifier for Ms. Howington, and is unique as the person it represents.   

While caring for her elderly Grandmother and helping settle her estate's affairs, she was also  freelancing her services, as described on this site, to various friends, businesses, and anyone else that would need her help.  It was during this period, and performing these tasks, that she decided to start her own freelancing company, Caypay, or as it's better known,

Caypay, the business or the person, is a freelance media consultant  specializing in small business needs. 

Freelancing is a home based business for Ms. Howington, just as is most of her clients' businesses.  However, she also works with start up companies, non-profit organizations, shops, bars, and in rare cases, large, well established, companies with what ever they need help with at the time.

Most of her clients do not know a lot about the web, advertising, or where to start when planning an event.  Intimidation about these things can only hurt if a client doesn't ask for help with them.  So, when  working with a client, Caypay believes that it's important to teach the client as well as fulfill their needs.

Don't read that wrong -- Caypay will do most anything you need, but will also help you learn how to do things on your own so you don't always have to have her do it -- which, in the long run will save time, money, and be more profitable for you.

Caypay is a small business owner, just like you, and understands how hard and overwhelming it can be to be your own boss!! Some clients just need a proof reader for a manuscript or simply don't have the time to do it all. 

 Basically, everyone needs an extra hand from time to time -- and that's what she does best!!!   

Feel free to browse this site to see some services available, samples of her work, and generally get a feel for what she does.  If there is something that you need done that is not on this site, don't hesitate to ask!  Chances are that she can help you with whatever you need, or at the very least, tell you who can.

Please bare in mind that this site is growing just as her talents grow, so check back often to see what's new and how Caypay can help you complete whatever is on your most recent "To-Do" list.


About Ms. Howington:

Professional Experience:

Ms. Howington has a wide range of experiences that have calumniated into over 16 years of professional Marketing and Public Relations experience, 11 years of writing and editing experience, with many publications, and 7 years of web based or multimedia experience.  

Besides managing her own cliental and their projects, she has been a Contributing Feature Writer for the North Dallas Gazette in Plano, Texas, where she also had her own weekly column covering the 81st Texas Legislative Session, 140 Days of OpportunityCaypay is also a Member of the Texas A&M University Alumni Advisory Board to the Department of Communications.    She was also the 2008 Senior Advisor to the Dallas Desperados for, where she covered all the home games in Dallas and was named Head of Marketing for the 2008 Dallas Aggie Golf Classic which benefits the Dallas A&M Club, the Dallas Chapter of the Texas A&M Alumni's  Association of Former Students.

Before becoming a student at Texas A&M, she worked for the Southwest Sports Group, parent company of  the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers, as a Game Day/Special Event Staff and Booster Club Liaison and Coordinator.  Here, at a very early age in her adult life, she was responsible for a large staff, important office work, copy writing, event coordinating, negotiation and writing of contracts and other legal documents, and had to conduct herself professionally, sternly, and delicately with celebrity VIPs, world-wide media, and the scrutiny of an international audience.

She conducts herself in a professional manner, but stays unique with her own personality.  She is well educated, well traveled, and is always looking for a challenge and new experiences.


Personal Background:

Ms. Howington received the nickname "cabbage patch" when she was very young because she was told she looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll.  The name stuck and followed her through high school where it was shortened to "Caypay."

Caypay is a graduate of the Class of 2003 from Texas A&M University, where she received her Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications with a minor in Professional Writing.  Before transferring to Texas A&M, she also received an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Eastfield College, a part of the Dallas County Community College District, while she worked and took care of her elderly Grandmother.

At Texas A&M, she was Co-President of the Student Chapter of STC (Society for Technical Communicators) for two years, Secretary for SCA (Speech Communication Association) for a year, very active in her departments, produced many documents for on-campus organizations, well respected among her peers and professors, and maintained a high GPA where she frequented the Department Honors lists and Dean's lists.

Caypay is a registered and licensed professional bartender, which is another service that she offers, and a one she enjoys greatly.  She is also a professional gift wrapper, which comes in handy during the holidays.


While she is currently based in the Dallas Area, she is frequently in the College Station Area, and serves all of Texas.  Caypay can also serve clients in parts of Oklahoma, Louisiana, or Arkansas, as she does not mind traveling to a client.  Clients that are further and interested in her freelancing services, are still welcome to inquire about how she can help, but must be willing to pay for traveling expenses.

People who are interested in her services can contact her no matter where they are located if they need help solely via the web.

A Traditional  Resume, Photography Portfolio, and Educational Dossier, along with other samples of her work, are available on request. 


Thanks so much for looking!!  I look forward to helping you!!


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